Awards alumni involved in 2016 WOW Southbank, March 11

AWA alumni Jyoti Shah, Shireen Irani, Shona Bajal and Emily Benn participated in this year’s Women of the World Festival. Jyoti said:

“Women in the workplace face some unique challenges and the recent discussion in the media around the gender pay difference is just one example. However, Asian women in the workplace face even more hurdles with preconceived stereotypes and misconceptions abound. Culturally, women are expected to be seen and not heard in the home, and this contradicts the voice that such women need to suddenly acquire to survive and progress at work. How do they do it? Women of the World 2016 are to be salt dough handprint congratulated for staging a highly interactive debate on this very issue with a talented panel of Asian women who have cracked the glass ceiling in their respective professions. The event was incredibly well attended on a beautiful sunny Friday afternoon and the audience were firing endless thought provoking questions. The panellists were able to inspire, encourage and provide some helpful tips. It was a privilege to be invited to chair this important debate and know that the next generation of Asian women are full of enthusiasm to make a difference for them and us.”

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