2015 Digital and Technology Finalists, 9th March

The winner of the award, Dr. Laura Toogood (Managing Director of Private Clients, Digitalis Reputation) was joined by Grace Boswood (COO, BBC Digital & Engineering, BBC), Claire Calmejane (Director of Innovation & Digital Centre of Excellence, Lloyds Banking Group), Alexandra Chong (CEO, Lulu) and Eve Henrikson (Online Trading Director, Tesco).

The women in attendance represented many different career paths that are available within the technology and digital sectors. This encouraged captivating conversation relating to a whole range of topics. The broad discussion covered the latest FinTech developments, how to create and sell an online business, why broadcasting technology is changing, the impact of eCommerce on retail, managing your online reputation and cyber security.

Nicole and Pinky offered many wise and inspiring words. They both emphasised the importance of networking and collaboration, as well as achieving a happy work/life balance. worldblog.net Nicole also gave a fascinating insight into how she started the award-winning wine business, ChĂȘne Bleu. There was also the opportunity to sample some of the wonderful vintages – much to the delight of her dinner guests!

Dr Laura Toogood, Managing Director, Digitalis Reputation.

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