Women of the Future Ambassadors Programme – BHP Visit

Lloyds Banking Group has associated with the Women of the Future Ambassadors programme to allow students to connect with role models in the workforce and inspire the future generation of females. The natural resources company, BHP, led a networking event on 14th March to educate young women about their company and promote their inspirational goal to achieve a significantly more gender balanced workforce within their own company.

Ursuline High School was one of the schools attending this event; it allowed sixth formers to learn about the range of jobs and experiences available within one company. They heard about the career paths of different people within BHP: finance, climate change and global governance to name a few. After the talk, students were given the opportunity to ask for any advice BHP could give them and about their roles. Lorna Callan, an Ursuline student who attended the event, said ‘it was such a positive experience and I learnt so much about the different opportunities available to me post education. It was so interesting to meet and talk to people about their own journeys to where they have ended up now.’

The objective of the programme according to their website is to ‘provide students with mentors and role models, thus strengthening the pipeline of talent among Britain’s younger women’. Such initiatives are inspiring and increasingly important in a world where there are constant changes politically and socially. The movement towards gender equality this year alone has taken a huge step in ensuring women’s voices are heard, including the ‘me too’ movement. Long may this continue!


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