WOF Annual Ambassadors Reception 2018

On May 10th over 100 students were invited to the new American Embassy to meet 100 inspirational women from a variety of different fields including Law, Banking & Finance and Sport. The impact on the students who attended has been profound. Please see below the experiences of two students who attended the reception.

“I am very grateful to have been given such a memorable experience at the Women of the Future Event. Each speaker gave insightful and personal advice that will be carried in my mind and aid me through my future endeavours.

The words that Jackie Scully spoke particularly resonated with me; ‘Are you doing something every day that you would be proud to put on your gravestone?’ Those words were asked to Jackie Scully from her nurse when Scully was undergoing treatment for her breast cancer and they made me ponder whether I am living a life where each day I do something that I would be proud to be remembered for, and that that thing doesn’t have to be extraordinarily elaborate because I would be happy to let it be written on my gravestone that I, Imani Bailey, lived a life filled with kindness evident when I smile at strangers on the street (even if them occasionally not smiling back leads me to wonder if my smile is creepily overenthusiastic). The atmosphere at the event was like none I have ever experienced; I cannot fathom into words the overwhelming positivity that the event contained. As a young woman, it was incredibly comforting, inspiring, and motivating to be in a room filled with successful women who were all so encouraging and eager to help me reach my potential and goals.

I am hoping to study architecture at university in the future and eventually open my own firm, and I was fortunate enough to have a 30-minute conversation with architect and founder of her own firm, Saira Hussain. Saira Hussain gave me valuable pieces of advice and information as well as simply offering to talk to me via email if I have any further questions or need for guidance. Saira Hussain is only one of the countless kind and supportive women I met at the event and I want to reiterate how grateful I am for the opportunity to meet such inspirational women. It honestly means a lot to me as not only a woman but a woman of colour, to see so many women similar to myself that have accomplished so much through hard work and determination and they didn’t let silly sexism get in the way of reaching their goals.”

Imani Bailey. Northwood College

“Leaving the Women of The Future Ambassadors Event, I felt somehow renewed. Changed, even. The next day, I told everyone about it – about how incredible the setting had been, how inspiring the speakers were, how truly supported the ambassadors made me feel. One of the most significant take-away’s from the event for me was that I can do anything with the help of kindness. The message was clear – you can achieve, you have a support network, and kindness is the force behind it all. I honestly think this guidance will stay with me for a very long time. Being in the room with so many wonderful, successful women gave me a glimpse of an incredibly hopeful future.

I found talking to all the ambassadors so galvanising – I heard some phenomenal stories and it made me realise that I really can do anything, and maybe even everything! Furthermore, I found the CV Surgery so useful – it helped me with all the nuances of applications, and made me re-think some areas. My CV is now greatly improved! I wish that every girl and woman could attend one of these events – I really think it was life-changing.”

Ella Dane-Liebesny, South Hampstead High School

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