WOF Story of the Month – Jessica Cheam

Jessica won the inaugural Women of the Future Southeast Asia Media & Communication Award in 2018 and has seen first hand how being nominated has by the impact the award has opened the doors to so many new connections and relationships .

It’s been a humbling and rewarding experience being part in the inaugural batch of WOF winners in Southeast Asia. In a rapidly growing region facing a diverse set of issues from sustainable development, resource scarcity, poverty, inclusive growth to gender equality, these awards and the platform it provides to gather women in the region was much needed and so timely. I am hugely grateful to the WOF team, who have recognised the new type of purposeful journalism that Eco-Business represents. We have become the leading voice of sustainable development in Asia Pacific with offices all over the region and we are dedicated to helping Asia businesses and countries grow sustainably.

Being part of the network also helped open new doors and new connections. I’ve kept in touch with a  few of the WOF alumni and we have worked together on deepening the understanding and collaboration from issues such as food security to energy and logistics. I’ve also had the privilege of lunching with the WOF team in London, the ones behind these awards and love the work that Pinky and her team have done in empowering women in the UK and in Southeast Asia. We need more women in leadership roles in the region, and for women to be fully empowered to grow in the roles and paths they have chosen. I hope to continue playing a role to help younger women fulfil their aspirations and I certainly hope to be part of this family for a very long time.”